CCTV Maintenance

All new equipment supplied and/or installed by Houston CCTV Security will be comprehensively guaranteed for one year from the date of sale or installation and includes include all parts and labour.

New full installations include 60 days on site maintenance. If onsite maintenance is required after 60 days, or if you are a new maintenance client of Houston CCTV Security, annual maintenance cover will be available, payable monthly by standing order.

Our call out charges for non-maintenance customers range from $65 to $195 for the first hour.The rates listed are for static cameras only and are subject to an initial inspection to ensure that the equipment is in adequate condition and that we are prepared to take on the contract. If work is required to achieve this it will be arranged at an additional cost in advance of either your maintenance contract commencing.

For pan tilt and zoom (PTZ) cameras separate service charges apply, please Monthly Maintenance Charges Basic Service Pro Service 1-4 Cameras $49.00 $79.00 5-8 Cameras $69.00 $109.00 9-16 Cameras $89.00 $179.00 17+ Cameras Call Call Maintenance agreements are for a minimum of twelve months, the number of cameras that comprise your installation and the type of service provided will determine the cost of maintenance. Customers on our maintenance scheme are entitled to any number of visits within one year relating to genuine non-malicious faults that have occurred on their equipment, and they will be prioritised ahead of non-maintenance customers in this regard.

Our usual response is for an cctv technition to arrive within 24-48hrs of a customer’s request for service. Twenty-four hour or less emergency call out service can be arranged. We will carry out the following tasks where appropriate in our preventative maintenance contract: The testing and re adjustment of focus and video levels on all cameras Testing of external camera housings including de-misters where appropriate Checking of all mechanical fixings, brackets, towers and PTZ functions where appropriate Cleaning of all camera lenses and housings where appropriate Report on any temporary obscuring of camera images e.g. growing trees and bushes Test all photocells and infrared lamps for correct operation Clean all video display monitors with anti static solution Adjust video time and date display as required, and check equipment settings Carry out test reviewing of recordings and advise on best practice Check video data connections between all control equipment re-terminate and crimp as required Test all remote video transmission equipment, ensuring correct operation Provide a report on the condition of the installation if so required Provide any necessary basic instruction and training Advise on latest data protection or appropriate legislation Advise on the latest equipment available to improve the functionality of the installation Service maintenance is designed to cover mechanical break down not natural wear and tear.

The effects of power surges, accidental, storm or flood damage, wilful neglect and vandalism are excluded from maintenance cover, as are problems relating to computers / modems / routers / or other communication equipment. Maintenance may be terminated after twelve months with one month’s notice in writing from either party or with one months notice at any time at Houston CCTV Security discretion. In addition to above covers mechanical breakdown of cameras, camera power supplies, lenses, digital video recorders and monitors. The replacement of equipment is at the discretion of Houston CCTV Security. Faulty equipment if unrepairable will usually be replaced with the equivalent standard of equipment as determined by Houston CCTV Security.

On-site labour only maintenance scheme, therefore there will be a charge for all faulty or replacement parts that have been purchased outside the twelve month guarantee period. Contact us for details.